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Maxicoat® – The Only Coat!

The newest and most improved method for applying plastics to metal.

Collt Manufacturing, Inc., combines the protective benefits of traditional plastic coating with a new process called Maxicoat®.

Nylon Maxicoat® is resistant to corrosion, abrasion, solvents and impacts. It is available in a variety of colors, FDA approved and meets military specifications.

Collt has successfully solved many of the tough coating challenges associated with small metal parts.

Maxicoat® Process

  • Mechanical Properties:
    Mechanical testing is carried out on steel panels which have undergone shot-blasting or zinc phosphating and on aluminum panels which have undergone chromation. Coating thickness:120 microns.
  • Resistance to salt spray:
    Test carried out on steel panels having undergone shot-blasting or zinc phosphating and on aluminum panels having undergone chromation. After 1,500 hours there is no peeling off of film (good adhesion) and no corrosion creep beyond 1 mm from the incision.
  • Resistance to UV (ASTM G53 77):
    Accelerated QUV life-test:
    Loss of gloss after 2,000 hours exposure: < 50%

Gloss at 60° from the normal (ISO 2813) 50 to 85% according to the grade
Adhesion (NF T58 112) 4 (excellent)
Erichsen deformation (NF T30 019) > 10 mm
Conical bending (ASTM D522) 100% up to 6 mm diameter
Impact resistance (NF T30 039) 8 Joules
Abrasion resistance
Taber abrasimeter
(wheel type CS17-load 9.81N)
Weight loss after 1,000 revolutions

< 20 mg
Persoz hardness (NF T30 016) > 300 s

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