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Maxicoat® – The Only Coat!

The newest and most improved method for applying plastics to metal.

Collt Manufacturing, Inc., combines the protective benefits of traditional plastic coating with a new process called Maxicoat®.

Nylon Maxicoat® is resistant to corrosion, abrasion, solvents and impacts. It is available in a variety of colors, FDA approved and meets military specifications.

Collt has successfully solved many of the tough coating challenges associated with small metal parts.

Maxicoat® Process

Nylon coating without racking… the Maxicoat® method leaves no rack marks for a completely coated part!

Maxicoat – Before & After Collt's Maxicoat® process has succeeded when other coating methods have failed.

Traditional methods of coating small metal parts leave unattractive ”voids” in the coating.

These ”voids” also allow corrosive elements to shorten the life of the product and create uneven coating thickness which can affect product specification.

The Maxicoat® process eliminates these ”voids” and coats your product with a smooth, consistent coating.

A part that is within an 8” x 4” area and is a maximum weight of 7 to 11 ounces is ideal for Maxicoat®ing.

Maxicoat®ing is best suited for:

  • Anticorrosion protection
  • Decoration
  • Replacing Chromium/nickel plating
  • Alternative to injection molded plastic components

Maxicoat® provides a solution for high volume parts at low and competitive prices!

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