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Collt Mfg. Inc.

Collt Mfg. Inc.
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Maxicoat® – The Only Coat!

The newest and most improved method for applying plastics to metal.

Collt Manufacturing, Inc., combines the protective benefits of traditional plastic coating with a new process called Maxicoat®.

Nylon Maxicoat® is resistant to corrosion, abrasion, solvents and impacts. It is available in a variety of colors, FDA approved and meets military specifications.

Collt has successfully solved many of the tough coating challenges associated with small metal parts.

Fluid Bed Markets

Our Fluid Bed process is particularly suited to both industrial and consumer applications.


It is widely used in the medical industry because it withstands the autoclaving cleaning process as well as providing an exceptionally pleasant appearance.

Fluid Bed is also widely used in coating springs for color coding as well as sound deadening.


Lawn garden tools and furniture, household hardware, marine equipment and generally anywhere appearance and corrosion resistance are important.

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